WHO IS A FACILITATOR A facilitator is a trained , equipped and certified personnel by oil lease Global whose job is to ensure effective and efficient promotion of oil lease Global business through sources of networks and extensions and at the same time perform the diligent resp of bringing and guiding others (people) effectively and efficiently into joining oil lease Global company(business) either as a partner or a facilitator by making them to understand adequately the essence and benefits of joining oil lease Global company.



STEP 1: Apply to become a facilitator
2: Proceed to take facilitator training course through YouTube on the web page
3: Proceed to take facilitator Screening quiz on the web page
4: Ensure you pass the Screening quiz
5: After passing the screening quiz proceed to complete your (KYC) to qualify you as a facilitator after approval.
6: Activate Oil lease global partnership by leasing an oil mart from any of the available Oilmart Sizes and Categories on the platform.

7: As soon as you complete your Oil Mart Leasing, you will be confirmed and get your facilitators ( IDN) or (IDC) or ( IDP) meaning Identification Number or Identification Code or Identification Pin respectively ( Tech team should Decide the code). This code will the referral means for facilitators. And only a facilitator can refer a facilitator or by direct application as a facilitator from web page.


1. Get general referral Commission from the 1st to the 4th generation ( 4%= 1st Generation, 1%= 2nd Generation, 0.5%= 3rd generation and 0.25%= 4th generation)
2. Facilitator get weekly partnership activation bonus down the facilitator generation: ₦300 Direct Partnership activation ₦200 from 1st Level facilitator's activation ₦100 from 2nd Level facilitator's activation and ₦50 from the 3rd Level facilitator's partnership activation,
3. Facilitator get monthly payment according to their facilitatorship rank according to the following:

A.chief facilitator get ₦400,000 monthly as emolument,
B.Head Facilitator get ₦270,000
C. Lead Facilitator get ₦200,000
D. Ordinary Facilitator get ₦120,000.


This payment is based on the percentage monthly mission accomplished. Facilitator's mission is to have minimum total lease oil mart size worth minimum of ₦50,000,000 in a month across all his/her facilitator level downline direct users referral to realize 100% payment of the monthly earning. NOTE: The percentage of the revenue generated determines the percentage of the emolument to be paid or to be realized by the facilitators according to their rank or level. AWARD Facilitator that successfully meet up their mission revenue completely for consecutive 12 month will be given a brand new car award at the end of the 12 month to enhance further promotion of the oil lease global business with other project responsibilities Appraisal



LEVEL 1 ( Ordinary Facilitator) Enrollment level
LEVEL 2 ( Lead Facilitator) Introduce 5 new facilitator and ensure their confirmation
LEVEL 3 ( Head Facilitator) Ensure the 5 introduce 5 facilitators each and ensure their confirmation.
LEVEL 4 ( Chief Facilitator) Ensure the 25 facilitators in level 3 introduce 5 facilitator each and ensure their confirmation

i.e the Chief Facilitator will have 156 facilitator including him in his generation,
Head Facilitator will have 31 facilitator including him in his generation,
Lead Facilitator will have 6 facilitator including him in his generation and
Ordinary Facilitator remain as the facilitators Enrollment level ( Level 1) only him.